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Dec 30, 2012 10:00am EST
president, harry reid and over in the senate, the real answer in this is looking big, looking bold, and coming up with something that is a compromise that everyone can be proud of. >>9 mr. messer, we have about 10 minutes left. >> how involved are newly elected lawmakers in what is going on right now? the house republicans have been holding conference calls. are you guys on those calls? do you not get anything until january 3 when you are sworn in? >> it varies. we're not on every one of those caucus conference calls. we have been briefed on many of the policy proposals. we are being kept abreast. it is not quite yet like be a member of congress. -- being a member of congress. >> obviously, the fiscal cliff discussions are centered around taxes and spending. we have a lot of other unfinished business in this congress. call me perhaps cynical and realistic, but i am sure will be planted into the 113th congress -- punted into the 113th congress. one of them is the farm bill. there is a threat that their prices could as much as double. you come from a part of indiana that is very dive
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1